Dog Sled Saga Releasing September 22nd!

On September 22nd, 2016, we’re releasing the 1.0 version of Dog Sled Saga on Steam, Google Play, and the Apple App Store!

September is a huge month for us – we’ll be in the Indie MEGABOOTH at Pax West Sept. 4th and 5th, and we’re in the inaugural Google Indie Games Festival Sept. 24th!

Additionally, we put out the seventh and final update Road to 1.0  update:


Version 1.0 won’t be the last you’ll hear of Dog Sled Saga! There are a number of ideas we had during our Kickstarter campaign that we would still like to develop as major post-release updates to the game.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the final release – share this news with your friends!
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Dog Sled Saga to be presented in first Google Indie Games Festival

Independent game making couple Dan + Lisa will showcase Dog Sled Saga in the Google Indie Games Festival, September 24, 2016 in San Francisco. The game is one of 30 new or unreleased indie games that festival goers will play and vote on. The festival will occur mere days after Dog Sled Saga’s long awaited release.


Dog Sled Saga is the debut collaboration between creators Dan FitzGerald and Lisa Bromiel. Players take on the role of a rookie musher who must foster a team of unique dogs to carve their story into the trails of the Mount St. Something region. The game combines hectic arcade racing with rich team management layers.

Three and a half years of development have seen a quickly funded Kickstarter campaign in 2013, a well received Steam Early Access project, and a recent string of major updates pushing towards the completion of the game. The full release next month will see the long awaited iOS and Android ports of the game, plus many big new things like overarching story moments, a breeding system, and a final wave of polish.

For game keys, interviews, or exclusive content, contact Dan FitzGerald
Trailers, screenshots, and info available on our press kit
Info and free registration for the Google Indie Games Festival here

12-12-14 Changelog: small fixes, empty foodbag animation

  • New empty food bag animation
  • Revised restock post base sprite
  • Error text now saved to dogsledsaga-data/err.txt
  • Executable altered to try to force discrete graphics device where applicable (Windows)
  • Corrected text replacement errors for Weather type favorite and possessivePronoun
  • Scroll indicator arrows clickable in most/all places
  • Some journal text display formatting fixes
  • Fixed crash upon entering League 7
  • Fixed dogs getting stuck with camera flash for good (hopefully…)

Note – if you have trouble getting Dog Sled Saga to run, particularly on a laptop with multiple graphics devices, report it in this thread.

12-8-14 Changelog

This is our first build on Steam Early Access. There’s a very good chance I missed some changes because the list is MASSIVE!


  • Day progression (instead of weeks)
  • Dog fatigue stat – accumulated on speed drops depending on exhaustion rate
  • Qualifying races for joining new leagues
  • Sled friction (determined by snow quality) affects minimum speed of sled
  • Perfect Catches
  • Skill triggering and skill point accumulation based on catches/perfect catches
  • Seeded race schedule
  • Favorite thing: Perfect Catches
  • Dog traits hidden until added to journal
  • League difficulty tweaks


  • Gamepad support (not remappable yet – soon! designed for Xbox 360 mappings)
  • Keyboard-only support (also not remappable)
  • Kennel screen
  • Association roster screen
  • Post race screen
  • Options screen
  • Race details box
  • Tutorial overlays on first race
  • Journal question popups
  • Fatigue event popups (sweat)
  • Many other menu revisions


  • New Musher (internally referred to as Furhood)
  • New Dog Breed: Shih-poo (based on SolidPlasma’s dog Milo!)
  • New Dog Breed: Schnauzer (based on Dan’s family’s dog Schatzie!)
  • Bigger aim arc

Sound & Music

  • A new song or two (probably)
  • Favorite thing SFX
  • Perfect catch SFX